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Looking Forward to Spring/Summer

After a difficult last couple of years I decided to give my customers something to look forward to and be happy about. Colour always does this. Have you noticed that whenever the sun is shining women wear colour and they seem happier?

I want to bring luxe fabrics with colour and texture for summer. The fabrics I am sampling are in almost every colour with embroidered and appliqué work on sheer garments. There are some bold prints with matching dress and jacket ensembles for functions, weddings or the races. Lace and embroidery play a big role in creating lightweight coats and jackets that are perfect for warmer weather.

A piece I am partularly excited about is.a long diaphanous unlined coat in beautiful embroidered sequinned lace. I have designed it in beautiful jewel colours and will elevate any outfit that it is paired with.

My pleating takes on easy wearable shapes in bold colours. It is always low maintenance and travel friendly, part of the reason it is so popular. Here again we have individual stand out pieces as well as ensembles that can be played around with. I like my customers building on already existing pieces and adding to them.

My style is fairly classic with a twist as I do not choose to follow trends, the pieces are therefore timeless. My main aim is for my women to feel beautiful and positive.

I hope you're as excited for the upcoming spring/summer styles as I am


(Scroll down to view three of our beautiful upcoming fabrics)

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