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Our Gorgeous Cashmere Offering

Hi Everyone Winter has provided me with a great opportunity to showcase my beautiful coats of various fabrications. My cashmere coats I love doing in jewel colours which are perfect to add vibrancy to an otherwise cold and dark season. These cashmere coats are luxurious, and light to wear but also extremely warm. The coats are French seamed clearly showing the beautiful workmanship inside. On the outside, it looks double-breasted but in fact, can be worn as single-breasted as well, and there is a nice tab at the centre back adding nice detail to the coat I have finessed my leather to include extremely fine reversible leathers that can be worn the whole year round and are also perfect for travelling as they are easy to pack. These reversible coats come as plain and printed. I’ve also done suede/ leather super soft and fine coats that are a joy to wear because they are weightless.

With my normal kid leather coats and jackets, I have also incorporated new textures and designs to suit all body shapes. Don’t forget I do bespoke leather garments so any shape or size can be accommodated As cashmere is a favourite of mine I have also brought in my signature cashmere capes with fox fur edgings, again luxury teaming with warmth and practicality. These are timeless pieces that add real zest to an outfit. You will feel glamorous in these beautiful capes because they are so indulgent Living in Melbourne we all like finishing our outfits with a beautiful cover piece and this has always been my main focus when designing So please come in and treat yourself to a beautiful coat that you will cherish forever Jacqui

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