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About Jacqui Fernandes

Jacqui Fernandes the Designer and Owner

“Seeking understated elegance and high quality, her designs are sublime and versatile”

I started out freelancing for various Australian fashion houses before deciding to begin my own self-titled label. Initially I had small private showings, and a few small parades in warehouses around Melbourne. I opened my first store in Howey Place, a little fashion laneway just off Little Collins St in Melbourne and was based there for 14 years before moving to my current store in Collins place.

Over the years I have taken part in the Melbourne L'Oreal Fashion parades and my designs have appeared in various fashion magazines including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Women’s Weekly and In Style. Whilst this level of recognition was never something I aspired to, this acknowledgement that my styles are unique and enjoyed by others is something that truly pleases me.  


Although I have grown as a designer over my 35 years, I have chosen to keep my business small in order to offer a more specialised product. My strength is in my use of luxurious and high quality fabrics, limited quantities and exotic colours. 


Jacqui Fernandes as a brand has become synonymous with timeless style and quality and my label continues to grow throughout Australia.

Jacqui Fernandes embraces the foundation of quality fabric and detailed tailoring. The clothing is designed for women who love luxury combined with an appreciation of timelessness and classic pieces with a contemporary twist.

With my range of leather I also offer a special service of made-to-measure. I feel that fitting women and helping them find a garment that not only suits them but is designed for them, truly brings my work to life


I have grown my clientele mainly by recommendation and word of mouth and love seeing customers return after many years and telling me how they still use a piece they bought from me thirty years ago.

It is a delight to me when even after all these years I get complimented with the simple phrase ‘what beautiful clothes’.

There is a wide variety of product in my store, a sort of one stop shop to service a woman’s needs and I am always happy to help customers who are short on time to put a wardrobe together.


I simply love what I do and am thrilled that even after all these years women still love my work.

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